Saturday, January 10, 2009


norah's birthday is next sunday! i cannot believe it. it is literally shocking to me. here are the two diapers i had made for her birthday pics. we're doing a "smash cake" tuesday, and she'll wear the "sprinkles" one.

today we went to look at a house (as we've been doing waaay too often the past two weeks). we're moving (hopefully) in a month! it's just really hard without a yard for the kids (and ME!). this will also be the first time we are not sharing a wall with someone else since john & i got married! i grew up in a single home, so it took some getting used to to hearing my neighbors doing karaoke every friday night in our last house.

this house is as close to perfect as we're going to get, i think. it's only 3 bedrooms, but has a finished basement, a two car garage, and more storage in a separate room in the basement. it is within walking distance from the elementary school (another high ranking factor), and there is a community pool, fitness center, and it's located on a golf course.

OH! and we'll have our very own MAILBOX!! no more cluster boxes!!

here are some pics from the realtor's site....

a YARD!!

it has GREAT lighting (one of the first things we looked at with each house). after living in a cave a few years ago, we realized how important great natural light is.

finished basement (with more natural light!).

wish us luck. i did not enjoy our last move.