Tuesday, January 6, 2009


what is up with the chinese places here? no duck sauce? passing spring rolls off egg rolls?! i don't know if i can stay in colorado now. it's like some parallel universe!

we tried two chinese places, and same results. i cannot find duck sauce in the grocery store. this looked like the closest thing to duck sauce i've found in three grocery stores. maybe in color, but NOT in taste. looks like i know what i'll have my MIL bring next week. can you fly with duck sauce? lol.

also picked up some freezer egg rolls. blech. saturday we're trying some "philly cheesesteaks" from a place called pat's (ha!) ... we'll see. i do not have high hopes after this, lol.

and i had to post this. some pictures from today i made into a storyboard. since kayleigh's been in school these two have really bonded. it's so sweet.

click to see bigger.


Elisabeth said...

No clue if it's still there, but you should go try the Bamboo Garden in Silverthorne. I am picky about Chinese food, and it tasted so good to me! It used to be family-owned....probably still is! We went there in 2003. lol

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

love the story board.

Kristine said...

Ahh, Pat's! I can mail ya a real one if ya like ;-)

Deann Hadley said...

Nice job with the storyboard, so cute! LOL at the egg rolls and duck sauce. :)

Anonymous said...