Monday, January 5, 2009


i always wished i had a sibling. it's definitely why now, i yearn for so many kids, and a large family. i can't wait until they're grown (okay, i'm lying), and we have big family get togethers where it's so loud you can hardly hear each other speak. :) ahh ... heaven!

it was beautiful out today. after we got kayleigh on the bus we hung outside for a couple hours. :)

oh, and i'm down 6.6 pounds in two weeks. horrah!


siobhan said...

me, too! i mean, i have a sister, but she's seven years younger than me. in contrast, berek's mom had SIX kids in seven years! we watched the three big girls playing in the backyard on the swingset today and talked about how glad we are that they all have each other. they fight like cats and dogs sometimes, but they have so much fun. we constantly remind them that their sisters are the best friends they'll ever, ever have. i think your kids are equally as lucky!

oh. and i like the picture, too. :D

jenn said...

it's really so fun, and i can imagine why mama dugger keeps on havin' 'em! i know i'm not going to feel done next time, i just don't know that we could afford any more than that, lol!

Anonymous said...