Friday, November 6, 2009

mama's got a brand new blog ....

it's finally up enough to my standards enough to share! there are still some things i need to change, but i want to make sure it's ready for charlotte's arrival!

i won't be posting on this blog anymore, so update your links! :)


Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween '09!

not the greatest pictures, but here they are! ethan was mario again, kayleigh was arielle, and norah a peacock! :) they all had a blast, and were ready to come home after only a 30 minute trip. the big ones at least (they wanted to hand out candy to all the other kids). norah was hysterical. she got the hang of it after the first house & could have probably gone all night!

in other news, only TEN! days until charlotte's due. how exciting .... and scary! i was telling john last night, that i don't feel like a grown up, yet. he said - "jenn, we'll have 4 kids in a few days - i think that qualifies you as a grown up." eek - does it really?