Friday, November 6, 2009

mama's got a brand new blog ....

it's finally up enough to my standards enough to share! there are still some things i need to change, but i want to make sure it's ready for charlotte's arrival!

i won't be posting on this blog anymore, so update your links! :)


Sunday, November 1, 2009

halloween '09!

not the greatest pictures, but here they are! ethan was mario again, kayleigh was arielle, and norah a peacock! :) they all had a blast, and were ready to come home after only a 30 minute trip. the big ones at least (they wanted to hand out candy to all the other kids). norah was hysterical. she got the hang of it after the first house & could have probably gone all night!

in other news, only TEN! days until charlotte's due. how exciting .... and scary! i was telling john last night, that i don't feel like a grown up, yet. he said - "jenn, we'll have 4 kids in a few days - i think that qualifies you as a grown up." eek - does it really?


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

happy fall, y'all!

yep, snow. lots of it. it's not stopping until tomorrow. our poor pumpkins are covered. lol! hope you're all have some great weather. let's just hope charlotte doesn't come early! :)

in other news. i just registered a domain for a new blog. hopefully it will be up & running very shortly. i'll link it when it's ready.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

a year in review. :)

so, it's been a week since i finished up the 365 project. it feels GOOD. it was a huge commitment, and much more work than i ever imagined. i definitely learned a lot, and even though my day to day pictures probably don't always show it, i feel like i know a lot more. i feel more comfortable with manual, and changing my settings on the whim. BUT i still have SO much to learn. i feel so far away still from where i want to be. it will come with time and practice, i suppose! i am very impatient, though.

i want to keep blogging, but am unsure how/where to do it right now. should i just stick to this blog? go back to my old one? start a completely new one? switch over to wordpress perhaps? i'm not sure. i need to look into my options. i feel like i'm outgrowing blogger, and i'd like something a little different.

speaking of outgrowing, here's is my 37w shot from wednesday. in one of two shirts i have that still completely covers my belly. not much longer now. i'm taking bets. ;) my guess is for november 6th. i'm due the 11th. kayleigh and ethan were born 2 days before their due date, and norah was 5 days before.


Saturday, October 17, 2009


don't they look excited that we're DONE?!
three hundred and sixty five days of pictures. how cool is that?

on another note:
october 4th a wonderful family lost their sweet boy nate. he was 4 years old, and passed away shortly after contracting h1n1, which then turned into pneumonia. his mother is tracy of sugar lime designs. we released yellow balloons in his remembrance today.


Friday, October 16, 2009


friday nights are game night here. but when john is working nights, mama switches it to movie night (norah + board games = disaster!). friday night is also pizza night, which explains why the two littlest are shirtless. they are not the neatest kids around. :)



it's a wonder why some days i have no time for photography.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


the rebellion has started already. yesterday i caught her cutting her hair in the bathroom, and today she's wearing eye liner. she did a better job than i do, even! am i crazy - one day i will have three teen girls in the house. at the same time.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


it was so hazy out this morning. norah fell asleep in the car after we dropped ethan off at school, so i just drove around our neighborhood taking some pictures while she napped. the cows were hiding today. there is so much land around us, sometimes they can't be found at all. i love it!

only four days left. i can't believe it.

all clickable to bigger on black.