Saturday, February 28, 2009


we went grocery shopping yesterday. we always let the kids pick one bad-for-you treat. friday's choice was push up pops. :)


norah loooves to wake kayleigh up in the morning. she's got a stool at the end of her bed, which is an open invitation for a curious one year old.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


my poor child (the bigger one, lol).

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


just a snapshot today. today was the second time we walked kayleigh to school. it's about a mile each way so it's a little exercise for me at least. :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


she loves it, can't you tell? :) i was setting up the alien bee to practice today & found this teacup i bought when norah was a couple months old. she didn't really enjoy it very much.

click to see bigger. they look all pixelated here.

and just for fun, what a difference ten months makes!

Monday, February 23, 2009


i must say it at least once a week. if this is what colorado weather is like, i'm staying here forever!! here it is mid february, and we're at 70 degrees. sorry east coast, denver's got you beat.

and nothing exciting, but a quick timer pic of me & the girls all matchy-matchy, lol. laundry basket & all!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


i took a break from unpacking & organizing today & took the kids to the park closest to our house. it's so bizarre. there are never good playgrounds with swings. it's either swings & a dinky slide, or an awesome playset, and no swings .... it was fun going on swings again.

oddly enough norah wanted nothing to do with the baby swing she so loved at 3 months old. she did go for a ride on my lap, though. i think she was just tired. we'll try again this week. ;)


all three pictures from saturday involve norah. first up is the tomato hummingbird in her soup, lol. click to see bigger on black. it's really funny!

norah has developed her own "cheese"face. she thinks she's so funny! this is sooc. i was too lazy to edit the food out of her mouth, lol.

and lastly, how she tells you she's ready for a nap. she finds the nearest blankie, and wraps it around herself. that is what i've always done before i took her to rock her before naps/bed. it's so sweet!


as we were unpacking friday, kayleigh found her tap shoes. which meant everyone dances and jumped around for quite a while. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009



baby girl catching up on some z's.


horray! tuesday we were finally able to eat at the table. 10 points if you can find waldo ... er, norah.


my nightmare. the garage.


there was WAY too much ds'ing going on during the move. i am surprised it didn't melt into ethan's hand. i will be happy not to see it around for a bit. i am wondering if it's an indication of the teen years to come. he is easily glued to that thing.


valentine's day ... in christmas pj's! i usually don't buy them gifts, but i found a couple bath sets on clearance at target & tucked them away. it was a nice surprise for two little sick kids. :)



day one with the u-haul (of three!). i was useless. i had been up puking all night, and the kids were still all sick, too. poor john did 95% of the moving himself friday.

because of the sickness & insanity of moving, most of the pictures up until today were just a quick snaps. a couple might have even been auto with pop-up, lol. enjoy.

and yes, it snowed all three days of moving at some point, lol.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


so ... we all still feel like crud. BUT no one has vomited since (knocking on wood) 4am. we took some more stuff over to the new house today. i am getting excited. tomorrow is day 1 (of three) with the uhaul. woot!
this one i just had to include for giggles. it is so gross. all my kids have done this. it's the water bottle i use when i do their hair in the morning. if it doesn't get put away immediately, someone (usually just the smaller two now) is sucking on it, like i don't give them anything else to drink, lol.


so ... now it is norah's turn to be hit with the belly rumbles. of course it was right after she scarfed down half of my chicken caesar salad (all i ate yesterday - i still feel like crud). so ... we spent most of the day hanging out on the floor, lol. so these are the most interesting things i saw all day.
i somehow have to get organized today for our pre-move out inspection. gotta love the military. tomorrow we get the uhaul. i hope we're puke-free by then.
my good luck kitty.
kayleigh's ukelele.

and i even got to move to the couch for a bit, lol. norah was sleeping, no fear of puke on the couches!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so, we've all got the crummies in the tummy thing going on. yucko. i was up and down all night hanging my head in the toilet. luckilly, ethan managed to go all night without incident. whew. although this morning he told me he threw up & swallowed it last night. :X better than changing the sheets again, i suppose.

yesterday we got the keys to the new house. we just went & dropped a couple things off there. poor ethan just knocked out on the floor. norah's really been showing empathy lately, and is so sweet. before, if the kids would cry, she'd laugh, ha! now she tries to comfort them.

i was coming down the steps, and caught this sweet moment from the landing.

we're still sick, and we'll be moving the next 4 days, so i'll probably be backlogged, and the pictures will probably include a lot of mess & boxes, lol.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


the face of sick. :(


Saturday, February 7, 2009


i took the pictures & made up our moving postcards today. i think they came out cute. i edited a template i found on ilp in share a square. and no, i haven't even packed a single thing, yet. we've got to be out of here in one week. :) click for bigger on black.

Friday, February 6, 2009


does anyone see a pick color cast here? haha! aren't i funny? :P so, my new goal is to not buy anything i have not saved for. even if we have the money, i still need to save for it. well, thanks to helping out a friend and selling the kids summer clothes from last year - voila - insta-bee!

i was not going to open it up until we got to the new house next week, but that box sitting here was just too tempting! i lasted 4 hours ... and that is because i was out all day, lol! oh well. i had originally ordered the AB400, but changed my order a few minutes after to the 800. with lights, i think the saying is, "buy cheap, buy twice" .... so since i'm only a mwac (mom-with-a-camera), i'll buy just once, thankyouverymuch!

and do you want to see a tired mama eye? super gross, but the camera in the catch light cracked me up!


norah's being a little stinker about keeping hats on lately. it's bees so nice & sunny the past week (as the blown shy shows - ugh!). she will keep sunglasses on, though .... and sometimes a hat. this should be a fun summer! :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


he totally gets his sense of style from me. i'm totally serious, sadly, lol!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


norah's face met the pavement for the first time today. poor thing. it's a cute story, at least. when we're walking outside & her shadow is in front of her, she always tries to jump on it and chase it. well, today she caught it.

she was okay about it. buried her head in my shoulder and screamed for a good 30 seconds, and then life went on. ahhh ... to be one again!
click for bob.

Monday, February 2, 2009


this one cracked me up when i was looking at the file closely. my iso was pretty high, so it's grainy .... but when i zoomed in 100%, you can see what i saw (and yes, i know the side of his face is totally blown .... oh well, lol).

100% crop. see? lol.

"on black" isn't working for me right now, so i linked the picsture back to my flickr page where you can choose to see them bigger.


yesterday everyone was feeling a bit cruddy, so we mostly just hung around here. the kids love to play "humpty dumpty" on our headboard.

two of the fakest smiles around!