Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so, we've all got the crummies in the tummy thing going on. yucko. i was up and down all night hanging my head in the toilet. luckilly, ethan managed to go all night without incident. whew. although this morning he told me he threw up & swallowed it last night. :X better than changing the sheets again, i suppose.

yesterday we got the keys to the new house. we just went & dropped a couple things off there. poor ethan just knocked out on the floor. norah's really been showing empathy lately, and is so sweet. before, if the kids would cry, she'd laugh, ha! now she tries to comfort them.

i was coming down the steps, and caught this sweet moment from the landing.

we're still sick, and we'll be moving the next 4 days, so i'll probably be backlogged, and the pictures will probably include a lot of mess & boxes, lol.


Heather said...

That's so sweet for Norah to try to comfort Ethan! I hope you're all feeling better soon. We're moving next month, so I need some photo inspiration from you to document the process, ha ha! Good luck with everything.

jenn said...

it is sweet. her way of showing love is laying on you, but on her back, lol. are you guys leaving colorado, or.... ?

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Bryan is this way too. I hate it when they're sick though because then he's getting their germs.

somebody said...