Saturday, January 31, 2009


today is our 6th wedding anniversary! what an awesome 6 years it's been. i can't believe it all started with a handshake at a locker freshman year. i can't imagine a better life, or a better husband and father. i am one lucky gal. we went out for a late lunch / early dinner (linner ;)) at a hibachi. the kids loved it. we haven't been since kayleigh's third birthday.

i accidentally left my 50mm on my camera, so i couldn't really get any pictures, there just wasn't enough room. norah's favorite was definitely the soup ...

can you guess what the big kids liked the best?

valentine pictures were a joke. norah was MISERABLE, i just wan't ready, the kids were biting their lollies before i was ready.... so will try again tomorrow, lol. see how norah's arms are down? yeah, john was holding them, lol. he let go and she jumped up and ran.
all pics should be clickable for bigger on black.