Sunday, September 27, 2009


if i weren't so far, i'd give up. i don't know how or why, but things have gone from "busy," to "seriously, how can i get all this done with only 24 hours in each day?!" i have been working my butt off between kayleigh's school, taking ethan to & from his school, trying to make sure we're still getting out, cleaning puke off the beds & couches, keeping the house clean, making dinner, keeping up with all the homework, making sure john's got a clean uniform to wear to work, ect.... it's just been really hard to add any photography into the mix lately. which is sad, because for a while i've felt like i was FINALLY making some strides.

hopefully after the next couple of weeks, things will start to slow down a little bit ... but then little miss charlotte will make her appearance and start it all over again! :) either way, i've still managed to get a couple shots in every day, although calling them snapshots would probably even be a little too high of a compliment, lol. something's got to give. eventually, at least. right?