Monday, September 7, 2009


What a bummer! After spending way too much of "safe" water bottles for our family, news comes out that they're leaching BPA anyway! Sigg has reworked their liners, but those have had issues as well. Our Whole Foods is doing an exchange program for them. You just bring your old bottle, and they'll give you a new-liner same size bottle for free.
To learn more (and if you don't have a whole foods close), click here -



Gracie said...

Seriously I just got Ko the littl safari one yesterday!!! Augh! Well I got it at Whole Foods so I wonder if it is safe?

Deann said...

Wish we had a Whole Foods around here... Oh well, I mailed ours off last week. Not sure what to buy with the refund though... I guess Thermals? Not excited about the new liner either!

jenn said...

grace - as long as you have the yellow liner inside, not copper - you're good to go -

deann - how are you getting a cash refund? the only thing iv'e seen sigg offer (through the link i posted) was an even exchange program? i'd prefer a cash refund since i don't really trust sigg. :/

Anonymous said...