Thursday, September 3, 2009


john took ethan to a broncos game tonight, so the girls got their own bath & shower. amazing how much more water stayed in the tub! i love the way norah looks at kayleigh & ethan. she loves them so, and tries to be just like them. it's so sweet.
click for bigger on black. blogger stinks.



Lisa said...

OMG Jen that first one is GORGEOUS!! second one is great too but wow I LOVE the first one!!!

jenn said...

thanks lisa! i lucked out with the flash that night. everything was somehow set juuust right. i really need to learn that flash more, lol. i was so excited these needed nearly no editing at all. even dh said her eyelashes looked fake in the full res of the 2nd pic. i feel like i've been getting "it" a little more lately.

Anonymous said...


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