Saturday, December 6, 2008


well! what an experience the whole tree cutting down thing was. the kids got snow in their boots, cried most of the way, all the trees were oddly shaped or really puny ... but we got a tree. not the most beautiful tree in world, but one that would make charlie brown proud!

click to see a little bigger. since there was nowhere to park my camera for a group shot, we had to settle for a really low stump really far away. this is zoomed in about a million percent! lol.


Baroness of Blah said...

Why is it that "fun" family outtings have a habit of being not-so-fun? I hate TV movies that make everybody's life look like a Hallmark card. :P

jenn said...

i know, right melissa?! lol. but on a good note, the kids are not traumatized and already seem to have fond memories of it. i think if we do it again next year, we'll wear snow pants and bring a sled like another (smart!!) family we saw! :)

Anonymous said...