Friday, December 26, 2008


john got me a wacom tablet for christmas, and this was the first edit with it! :) it takes a little getting used to, i'm used to the dragging of a mouse, but it is super cool! i think it will really speed up the editing process.

we were super busy today, and this was the only shutter click! very unusal.

speedlight bounced, noiseware, and childish david b&w

i got the diapers in today from hillary that i had made for norah's birthday pictures! tonight i'll be sewing the aplix on so i can take the pictures soon! (i can't believe norah's almont ONE!) i got the westcott softbox in a couple weeks ago, but a little $12 adapter part to hold the softbox to the stand was sold out, and i couldn't try it out! that will be here tuesday along with a roll of suede grey seamless from b&h (courtesy of a gift card from my mama!) .... so look for some studio shots next week - YAY!