Monday, December 15, 2008


ugh. yesterday was a day of cleaning! no fun at all. i went to bed at 10:30 with the worst headache. john was on nights this weekend, so sunday we just hung around the house, and i did a bazillion (really!) loads of laundry, and the rest of the cleaning i've missed out on the last week while things have been so busy. thrilling, really!

i JUST finished putting the last load away, and i'm going to do a quick load of towels and i'm taking the rest of the week OFF ... yeah, right!

i'm still learning the speed light. i'm getting better at avoiding pin lights, and getting bigger catch lights. this was about 7:30 last night when it was pitch black outside, with the speed light bounced of the ceiling. my soft box comes today, i'm so excited. i'd saved my gift cards to b&h from my birthday to get something i really wanted instead of just a couple more rolls of seamless. of course there's a ton of snow outside today, so ups will probably be late, lol!