Saturday, December 20, 2008


science friday - err, saturday (sorry we're npr geeks!). :) today we made non-newtonian fluid with the kids again. they love it! if you haven't ever made it your self, you've got to! it's a blast & it can eat up a couple hours!

we've been dreaming about filling up a bathtub with it, lol.

john: ethan, what do you want for breakfast?
ethan: broccoli! (grabs a head out of the fridge.)
only my kid, lol.

more science! blowing bubbles with soap & straws!

here is why i've started shooting in raw. i'm trying to venture out of aperture priority mode & shoot in full manual. kids are FAST, & i haven't got it down, yet, to adjust my exposure quick enough.

(click to enlarge)

the photo on the left is what it looked like in raw since i wasn't able to adjust quick enough when she came around the corner. the photo on the right, is with a quick adjustment in raw on the exposure & fill, with a quick run through noiseware.

still nothing print worthy (but might be with more time {and knowledge!} in photoshop - but who wants top do that?), but still salvageable. with jpeg, going that much lighter would have turned it into a mess. there are a lot of blown spots in my quick edit, but with more time, it could look a lot better, lol.

still, the goal is to get it as close to perfect in camera - but it's nice to be able to save one when you just didn't get it spot on.


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I guess I need to learn out to edit raw because I wasn't getting any better success and then I just had to do more work for the ones that were close enough (snapshots)

jenn said...

well, i'm shooting jpeg + fine (jpeg), so i usually only go into the raw files of the ones i really need to change the wb on or something. i cannot go through 100 pictures a day in raw, lol!! i'd go bonkers.

Kristine said...

Fun! Going to have to try out those experiments with Ry. I still haven't switched to raw yet...I'm not sure what I'm waiting for, lol. I do want to dl noiseware too when I get an extra couple bucks. Looking good :)

angela said...

nope, I've got a kid too whose favorite food in the whole wide world is broccoli, raw or cooked ;)

Anonymous said...