Tuesday, October 13, 2009


it was so hazy out this morning. norah fell asleep in the car after we dropped ethan off at school, so i just drove around our neighborhood taking some pictures while she napped. the cows were hiding today. there is so much land around us, sometimes they can't be found at all. i love it!

only four days left. i can't believe it.

all clickable to bigger on black.



Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures Jenn! Michelle (from gh)

amie said...

I am going to miss your pictures! I just realized I won't get to see Charlotte! :-(
I wish you the best of luck with your newest addition and hope you might grace us some more with your pics :-)

jenn said...

i'm sure i'll still be blogging. just not in an every day kind of way. not sure if i'll resurrect my other blog - or just change this one to a family blog since most people already come here & not the other one.... :) and believe me, there will be plenty of charlotte pics up, lol. i haven't been collecting props like crazy the past 8 months for nothing! ha!

Jen said...

I will miss this, too! So definitely let me/us know if you start the other one back up b/c I'll need another link ;-).

Great pics!

Anonymous said...