Saturday, October 3, 2009


norah does not do naps at home anymore, just if we're in the car. she can't seem to get settled down enough when we're at home. this happened with the big kids, too, after i stopped nursing them. she gets a little crazy around 4pm, though. which makes it hard to start dinner.

so this afternoon i won worst mom award. i gave her a yummy earth lolli, found a "safe for babies" show on the on demand thing (tigger & pooh?), and plunked her down. she watched longer than she's ever watched the tv before, about 25 minutes. and i got dinner 95% finished.



A.V.A said...

You would think I am the scum of the Earth mother then, LOL. With my husband deployed and 3 kids the TV has been one of my best friends. Though I don't feel like a horrible mom. Just doing what I gotta do to get things done. Love the pics.

jenn said...

last time my husband was deployed the kids watched signing time almost every night when i was making dinner, lol. it kept the them 11mo old still and off of my hip for a few minutes! :)

Anonymous said...