Wednesday, May 6, 2009


TWO HUNDRED DAYS! I am so glad I've kept up this project. Even if I've not advanced in any way in photography, it's been fun, and it will make a nice coffee table book in 165 days! :) long post today!

i will be so sad when they don't want to get in the tub together anymore! it's so much fun, but such a mess, lol!
all natural light. there are two windows at the top of the tub wall on the back and long walls. and in b&w, too.
Norah's new space is alllllmost done!

when we get back from vacation, we're going to move norah to her "big girl bed' in preparation for the baby. john refinished the toddler bed ethan used (you can see that by clicking HERE).

i made the quilt, fitted sheets, ruffle pillow, and big pillow case. we are going to take the big picture down & move it that is above the bed, and put something else behind it.
without further ado .... this is our set up! our room isn't big, but it's big enough. you can see where i merged the photos (this is actually about 7 pictures in one!) with the blurry spots & choppy window, lol. but you get the idea!

these you MUST click to see bigger. :)
here is a close up of the bed. i just copied kayleigh's pottery barn pillow case, so it has that nice flap inside that hides the pillow from being exposed! :) i painted the little stool next to her bed, and that'll just be for her water, ect.
and here's the other sheet that i made to go with the set (currently on the side car) - gotta have two sheets! the fitted sheets are both flannel from that same fabric line by sandi henderson. the rest is quilter's cotton!

i'm really pleased with how it all came out, and so far norah enjoys playing "sleep" in it! not sure how much she'll enjoy REALLY sleeping in there ..... but hopefully the transition isn't too hard on her! :)

editing to add this one .... almost forgot!


sheri amor said...

nice set of pics

Laura Hopper, Midwife said...

Looks great! I need to start sewing more.
Love the bathtub pics!

Shawna said...

Norah's new space is so cute!!! I'm sure she'll love playing in it more than actually using it. Good luck! I adore those polka dot sheets. I sure wish I had a set! And your room looks huge to me. I'm so glad we started Jordan in a mattress on the floor, so I never have to make that transition. It was such an ordeal with Kaya. She didn't really start sleeping alone until she was 5! You look so cute, by the way. :)

Michelle said...

Love the pics! I know have guilt about the sewing I have not completed. How do you turn your blog into a coffee table book?

jenn said...

thanks ladies!

shawna - we moved both the big kids from our bed to their own around 2 years old. it was a tough first week, but after that it was all good.

michelle - there is a site where you can upload your blog into a book! :)

christy said...

Love the bathtub picture! and you are super cute!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

you look adorable
and great job on the stiff for Norah. were you standing ON your bed for the one pic of her bed? it makes it look like a photo of a bed in dollhouse to me for some reason. soooo cute though

jenn said...

thanks again everyone!
lisa, i think i was on top of the bed or even headboard! for that pic. it was really hard to get a picture of it all, which is why i ended up mergeing the first pictures for the whole view!

Anonymous said...