Saturday, May 2, 2009


getting closer to norah's sleep space being ready! i have a few things left to do.
1- finish her decorative pillow (of course she can't sleep in it until it LOOKS perfect, lol).

2-wait on the fabric that matches her quilt i made, so i can sew up her big pillow case.

3- add a night table. i'm thinking just using this stool for now. just something to hold her water cup. it sould work fine, since her bed is low.

4- wall decor. i've been eyeing up these, but not sure i like the "sticker on the wall" thing. otherwise i'm going to make a smaller version of pb's tree canvas set. but the dandelion looks faster & cheaper, lol!



Kristine Kraft said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes when you move her. I'm thinking of moving Madge soon since Rylee refuses to use her toddler bed, lol.

I like the sticker on the wall idea too. Look forward to seeing the complete project!

Karrie said...

I LOVE the dandelions! I would snatch those up in a heartbeat!

Heather said...

I officially hate how crafty you are. Can I pay you to make a quilt like that for Sadie? :-)

jenn said...

thanks girls! i'm not sure how it will go. i might wait until june to do the switch. we're going away for a week at the end of the month & she'll have to sleep with me, so i don't want to mix her up again.

and heather, it was my first quit, and it's SO very unperfect. i was thinking of making a new one just because this one is SO wonky, lol!

somebody said...