Thursday, April 9, 2009


i spent a lot of time in the kitchen today. more time than i've probably spent the last six weeks. yum. i was craving some old comfort foods from home.

the BEST banana bread ever. the whole loaf is almost gone already - boo!
now this is not for the faint of heart. it's a philadelphia/s. jersey delicacy, lol. "philadelphia" (ooozy) german butter cake. i seriously think i'm going to throw away the rest tonight. it's so good, but so bad for you.

mmmm..... oozy!

and lastly, our family recipe for shephard's pie. today was the first time i've ever made it! i think i may go have some more. YUM!


Sadie said...

Well, you know it's just plain mean to post stuff like this without the RECIPES. =P

Kristine said...

I love shepards pie! Everything looks delish.

You don't have to change your layout, you dork. Great minds think alike, eh?

4Small's said...

I can't believe you made butter cake!!! My favorite! That shepards pie looked so good. Anyway I can get the recipe? Andy is always looking for ways to make his better.

Gisela said...

Jenn...the butter cake looks SOOO yummy! I make it for my hubby every year for his birthday, but yours looks so much better than mine! Please share the recipe!

somebody said...