Friday, November 21, 2008


new shoes! gap/oldnavy/banana republic/piperlime was having their friends & family sale, so we stocked up at 40.5% off!

i got a pair of simple carat eco-sneaks. my adidas' were starting to talk in the front. they're super cool & made of all sorts of neat materials like coconuts, inner tubes, & bamboo!

and john got his norm, white shell tops. i got ethan a pair of them too, they were too cute/cheap to pass up! i was shocked that john's 11.5's didn't dwarf ethan's 10's! gasp, velcro!

and i ordered these stride rite mindy shoes for kayleigh, but they are still traveling to us. :)
eta: kayleigh's shoes came & they had LIGHTS! so ... they went back. bummer, it was a great deal.