Sunday, October 19, 2008


Hey there! Welcome to my newest project! If you haven't already read about the 365 Project, take a looksie HERE. Basically, you take a photo a day for one year, & post it somewhere online.

My other blog has been lagging lately because I just don't really have the time or substance to keep up with it right now. I do update our Picasa Albums almost daily, though.... which lead me to this project.

My plan for the 365 is to *hopefully get one in of each kid daily & maybe even me sometimes, that i do a little more editing than usual (or none at all!) on. Basically I want to step up my usual snaps and push myself a little further ... I'd love to have a record of my photography growth a year from now, and a neat "journal" of our daily life.

In honor of Kayleigh's class trip to the pumpkin patch Thursday (and my first time ever leaving Norah for more than an hour), I give you... day one!

I'm sure it will take me the next 3 days to get one of these suckers full enough for the 6 hours I'll be gone.

still trying to get a good one of all three.